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Four Seconds
      You could train your whole life and never fire your rifle. Today however I would fire mine for the first time.I've been prone on this hill for god knows how long, my orders are to watch this roadway to the west of my position but, I never expected to see anything. You see, I've spotted a man lying in wait to potentially detonate and I.E.D. on this road to kill fellow united states troops. I've already radioed command and I have the green light. My target is just about a mile away, looking through my scope I start crunching the numbers. The air is hot and dry, a slight breeze goes by from the North, the round weighs X number of grams, all factors in where my shot hits. At this distance however, my round will travel for about four seconds, due to this the rotation of the earth comes into play, another factor.
       Now, any hotshot gamer would say to go for the head shot but,that's something that you only get in vide
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I Love You
Please don't go away,
Please say you'll stay forever,
I may not be the most handsome,
Or the greatest ever,
But I love you as strong as anyone could,
I think about you every night,
If there were any way to prove that I would,
You'll just have to trust me,
I would give anything for you,
I'd do anything to make you see,
All I want is for us to be together
Today tommorrow and until the day we die,
I love you and I would never leave you,
I want you to be my forever,
Please never leave me,
I love you.
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Fear of losing,
Of being left behind with nothing,
My trust is yours to keep,
Though my one fear is to lose everything,
I'd do anything to show my love,
But I'm afraid as I leap,
I fear that I'll never be good enough,
That I'll never be good enough to keep,
That you won't want me,
That one day all you'll have for me is "goodbye"
I worry that we nay not be "we"
I don't want to be without you,
I want you to be my forever,
I need you more than I need air,
Please don't leave me ever,
I love you so much it hurts,
My heart is yours to take,
Please don't leave me here alone.
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35 hours
     It's funny how you meet people isn't it? You run into them at the grocery store, you borrow a quarter for the washing machine, or they leave their credit card at the gas station counter but, if you would have told me a year ago that I would be in love with someone I met online I would've told you "Fuck off".
      The love of my life lives two thousand, one hundred and eighty-six miles away from me, that's thirty-five hours by car and in my mind. I get a lot of shit for falling for someone who lives so far away but, what they never think about is that I never planned to fall for her, you don't chose who you fall in love with. One day you just ask a random person a question out of boredom and that's it but, out of boredom again you start to talk to them and before long they're your friend and you may date girls besides her and just keep her as a friend, you talk to her about your problems with your girlfriend. After a while tho
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Untitled story
Quietly I sit, gazing at my computer screen, contemplating what I am planning to do. I wheeled around to look at a security monitor, displayed on this monitor is a frail looking, dirty, disheveled blonde woman by the name of Samantha Sinclaire and it's her fault that the world is what it is now.
The year is 2021 and ten years ago a company by the name of Software Essentials Unlimited made a breakthrough in their project codenamed "Future City".  They designed a large number of self-replicating  nanobots that were controlled by implants placed into the body of any given architect, this architect could then command them to come together to form any building or structure desired.  These structures could be completed in hours, required at the absolute most three people for one job, and being that these structures were made of these nanobots they were what were being called "Smart Buildings", they could repair themselves, control their own temperature, and even
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The Outsider
Blood binds us but,
In this puzzle I'm an unfitting piece,
The bolt in a drawer nuts,
A pain that will not cease,
Something we can never mend,
I look across the room to you from another world,
And the loneliness just won't end,
You look at me like you just hurled,
To you all I'm an outsider,
A round peg stuck in a square hole,
Though we share blood I'm looked on like a spider,
In this family I have no role,
You just cannot see,
I'm nothing like you,
But you won't leave it be,
It's all you want me to do,
Though we share blood,
You are not my family.
Though we share blood,
I am nothing but the outsider.
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Alone and unwanted I found you,
A pleasure I never thought I'd have,
I'd do anything I can do,
Just to hold you close to me.
Pain comes in waves when you're not here,
No matter what I try to do,
I am struck with fear,
Fear that I won't get to be yours,
That I will miss out on my forever,
But all the pain and fear,
Is quickly replaced with hope,
The tears fade,
A smile appears,
All because I talked to you,
Something my day is never complete without,
My heartache disappears,
And I know that you're the one,
The only one to fix my broken heart,
Making the miles seem like nothing,
All the fear stays,
But you are worth every bit of it,
My heart is yours to keep,
For as long as you'll have it,
I love you
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Nowhere To Run
Loved by none,
Feared by all,
Loathed by most,
yet soon I will call,
I will snatch your life,
And I will bring you down,
You may try to run,
But you will never hide,
To this rule you must abide,
I will come for you all,
Whether it be bright of day,
or be it the dark of night
Fools and scholars all alike
Fall beneath my absolute might,
Running is a futile effort,
And hiding can only make it worse,
No one escapes this my icy grasp,
You will be mine,
Your fate is sealed,
For life is beautiful but death is honest.
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My Angel
Let The winds carry you to me,
And these loving arms,
To place upon me loves tender kiss,
And a sweet loving caress,
To you I confess,
The love I do possess,
As long as you want it,
Then my heart I give to you,
To call yours,
Until the end of time,
So that you are not alone again,
Faithfully I devote myself to you,
I never want to live without you,
For a life without you is as good as death,
I want you for always,
To dry your tears,
To erase your fears,
You are the dream come true,
That I've longed for all my years,
My loyalty I pledge,
Until my dying breath,
You are my saving grace,
You are My Angel
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What Makes Us Human
What is it that makes us human? Is it the simple transfer of electrical impulses in the mind, the firing between synapsis; or perhaps something more. Maybe what makes us human is something that cannot be defined or quantified with any sense of reason; perhaps it is merely a form of insanity for sanity is relative to the norm and how can we be sure that what we are is the norm, maybe the majority is not what is supposed to be normal. What if what makes us who we are is just an acceptable form of depravity. Maybe we're not human at all, what if we are in fact some un-earthly being imagining ourselves living as an unknown possibly non-existing extra terrestrial life form.
Some say what makes us human is morality, a sense of right and wrong; though in asking this we must address the question: "What is right and what is wrong?". Not in the sense of what constitutes an immoral act but in the sense of why is it wrong? As I look at our society that prizes originality I must ask; what is origin
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Letters Of Love
From the moment I turned on you,
I've felt deserving of death,
For my feelings are and have been true,
I scream your name under every breath,
I see your smile in my mind as vivid as a photo,
I could sketch you purely from memory,
Outline all of your striking glow,
But for acceptible ability,
Though these letters of love may fall before blind eyes,
It's for you I still write,
Praying you dont think they're lies,
That one day I may hold you tight,
But now I Fear to say those words in my head,
That may push you away so far,
But I'd rather see my blood shed,
Than to deny my feelings for you,
You're the first I've ever felt this strong for,
Let's make one last fight,
to open the door once more,
And make it right
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I still miss you every day,
I see you whenever I close my eyes,
Tell me what I could say,
To open your eyes,
To make you believe in me,
To believe that I want you,
To make you see,
There is nothing I won't do,
To erase the past mistakes,
And go back to where we were,
No matter how much it takes,
I want you to know for sure,
When I said "Forever",
Every word was meant,
I must surrender,
and admit to my descent,
To how wrong I was,
I don't know why I do what I do,
Nor why I write,
For the little good it will do,
All I know is,
I want to fight,
Only for you,
For I was sorely mistaken
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Letters Of Regret
Letters Of Regret
I don't Know why I let you go,
But my smile left when you did,
I need you to know,
I'm sorry for what I did,
I miss getting lost in your eyes,
It's why I write these letters of regret,
And every moment I'm not with you a part of my soul dies,
You're the greatest woman I've ever met,
But you've already moved on,
With nothing left to say,
And now you're gone,
Leaving me here to stay,
With only bittersweet memories,
But you just burned the past,
And threw the ashes to the seas,
Then carried on fast,
And left me with nothing but…
Letters Of Regret
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Still The Same
Even Though you're gone,
I still feel you,
I still imagine you in my arms,
My heart still skips a beat when I hear your name,
I want it the way it used to be,
I still don't want to just be a smudge on your past,
I miss everything about you,
Your smile,
Your voice,
How whenever I tried to look into your eyes,
You blushed and looked away,
And how when I saw you,
Everything was in slow motion,
seconds turned to minutes,
minutes turned to hours,
And time faded away,
There was just you and me and an unending moment,
I want it all back,
The way it was,
When I made you smile and you made me soar,
I wish it were...
Still The Same
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In that mirror I see,
And fatige,
Remnants of the past,
Of that hell I had become accustomed to,
Years of regret built up arond me,
haunting me,
Taunting me,
Memories of horrors I hadcaused,
People I hurt,
People who hurt me,
The same thought stays in my mind.
"What is wrong with you?"
whenever I see that reflection,
I hear the echoes of my demons from a time that is no more,
Constantly plagued,
Constantly haunted by my...
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  • Watching: Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound
  • Drinking: Tea
ok in your selected writing medium take a word or group of words and each line must begin with a letter of the word or phrase but its gotta all flow together

you can post yours as a comment or a deviation, your choice but, if you post it as a deviation please leave a link as a comment

Fire reigns down upon the mortal plain,
In this the end of days,
Giving way to pain, hate and despair,
Here we are on the edge its time to say goodbye
The day is here goodbye my friend, it is the end of days

(this is just an example use whatever word or words you want but try longer words, just to make it interesting and more of a challenge)

I don't know why mine came out sounding like a child's song but it works lol


United States
I'm more of a literary artist, I'm kinda different, I'm into Death Metal, Black Metal, Screamo and shit like that and I have some pretty dark sadistic thoughts sometimes, but I also write all this deep and sweet kinda shit, as you'll read, but, yeah, that's pretty much me

Current Residence: Warren
Favourite genre of music: Metal
MP3 player of choice: I just use whatever I have
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie Griffin
Personal Quote: "Perfection Is Excepting and Embracing Your Imperfections


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